Racing drivers need to be assured of a commitment; they also need to operate with a clear head in order to function at the highest level of professionalism and overcome the numerous pressures placed upon them both from within the sport as well as commercially from without.  KWA’s roll is to provide the commitment and the support to overcome those pressures.  Amongst the services provided are:

  • Programme selection
  • Contractual negotiations 
  • Personal endorsements
  • Financial - personal and business
  • Insurances
  • Press and PR support
  • Personal development

Herself a Team Manager for more than 10 years with world championship experience, Kaye Wilson has worked with numerous racing drivers, and understands the stresses and strains exerted upon them.  Also the requirements demanded of a racing driver when at the top level of motorsport competition.
The well known sportscar racer Marino Franchitti was formerly in the KWA stable. He began his sportscar racing career under the guidance of KWA winning the British GTO title in his first year and going on to win ALMS championships in the USA as well as well as such famous races as the 12 Hours of Sebring.

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